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2015 RotoAuthority League And The Future Of This Site

RotoAuthority.com is coming up on its ten-year anniversary in a few months, and it's gone through a lot of incarnations over the years.  It was my first website, and for about five months it was my only one, until I started MLB Trade Rumors.  I wrote about fantasy baseball on RotoAuthority nearly every day in the early years, also selling projection spreadsheets I created.  

As recently as 2009, RotoAuthority had some traction, with about 1.5 million pageviews for the year.  Traffic dropped off as my own writing grew more sporadic, and then in 2012 we relaunched the site with a team of writers, many of whom also wrote for MLBTR.  All the work was excellent, including that of our most recent crew of Mark Polishuk, Alex Steers McCrum, Andrew Gephardt, and Luckey Helms.  However, we were still not able to generate a decent amount of traffic in 2014, coming in at about a third of our peak level.

So, I have decided to shut things down for the most part here for 2015.  I don't think I'll ever fold up RotoAuthority entirely, as I'm nostalgic for it and I'll always love fantasy baseball.  But if it is to make another comeback, I'll probably have to re-imagine the site entirely.

In the meantime, one tradition we'll be keeping is the RotoAuthority League.  As usual, it's a 12-team mixed league with a $100 buy-in.  The bottom four teams are kicked out each year, except for me when I finished 12th and 11th in back-to-back seasons.  Despite that happening, it's a very competitive league and a lot of fun.  If you're looking for a league like this, we have two open spots for 2015.  Please leave a comment on this post including your email address, and I'll choose two people at random.

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