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RotoAuthority League Update: Trades Galore

The RotoAuthority League is a highly competitive 12-team fantasy baseball league run by Tim Dierkes. The settings consist of standard 5 X 5 Rotisserie scoring and 23-man lineups along with 4 bench spots. In an effort to keep owners interested as well as to infuse new blood into the league, the teams that finish below 8th place are kicked out of the league each year. The author of this column just hopes he isn't one of them.

We're only in the first week of May, and many fantasy pundits often warn against making any significant trades this early. Don't tell that to any owners in the RotoAuthority league, though. Trades seem to go down on a daily basis in this highly active league. Let's take a look at the deals over the past couple weeks.

04/22 Men With Wood agrees to trade Francisco Rodriguez to the Jewru for Sonny Gray

As part of a trade to acquire Buster Posey, the Jewru had dealt Gray just five days before flipping him to Men With Wood. In a vacuum, I like this deal for Men With Wood. It's important to keep in mind, however, that closers hold significant value in this league. K-Rod has been pretty much perfect, and it's all fully supported by the peripherals. If he can continue to pitch even close to how he has so far, this will prove to be an excellent move for the Jewru given the context of the league.

04/26 - The Bombers agree to trade David Robertson and Corey Kluber to Smell the Glove for Jason Heyward and Tanner Roark

Another trade, another closer dealt. Commissioner Dierkes shipped Homer Bailey for Jason Heyward a couple of weeks before moving him to the Bombers as part of this deal. The Commish capitalized on a gem by Roark to then land D-Rob and Kluber. D-Rob has the skills to join the second tier of closers this year, and Kluber is a sabermetric darling who should improve going forward. Overall then, while Heyward is probably the best player in this deal, I still think Smell the Glove improved his squad here.

04/26 - Men With Wood agrees to trade Doug Fister to A Century of Misery for Mark Melancon

Given that I'm punting saves, I knew I'd be dealing Melancon once Jason Grilli was placed on the DL. Doug Fister has long been undervalued in the fantasy community, and I certainly liked him going into this year. Whether I got sufficient value for Melancon will really come down to the return date for Grilli. If Men With Wood only gets a month of saves, I think I made out pretty well here. On the other hand, if Melancon holds the job all season, this may prove to be a regrettable decision on my part.

04/28 - Brewsterville Bruins agree to trade Yu Darvish to the Jewru for David Wright

The Jewru put Wright on the block with aspirations of acquiring an ace. While Darvish has been a tad less than what fantasy owners had in mind thus far, he should be ecellent going forward. Wright, meanwhile, may not have the power he once possessed. That being said, the third base position has been a trainwreck thus far this season. Wright offers rare reliability at a position where it seems like just about every regular is either hurt or struggling.

04/30 - A Century of Misery agrees to trade Nick Swisher to Pulling Brzenk for Michael Brantley

With sneaky value across the board, Brantley has emerged as one of the most undervalued players in fantasy baseball for my money. I'm normally a fan of Swisher, but I don't really like what I've seen thus far. Power has become even more scarce this season, so I'm typically reluctant to make a deal in which I'm downgrading in the HR category. As I mentioned, though, I'm relatively bullish on Brantley going forward. This looks like a top-30 outfielder to me with a market value far below that.

05/02 - The Bombers agree to trade Trevor Rosenthal to the Jewru for Cliff Lee

I think this trade is a testament to the value of closers in this league. In a typical league, you're not going to be able to acquire a bona fide ace like Lee for any closer, but that's not the case in the RotoAuthority League. To be fair, Rosenthal is a beast and has joined the elite ranks of closers. Of course, I'd still prefer 200-plus pristine innings from Lee.

05/02 - A Century of Misery agrees to trade Oscar Taveras to Spirit of St. Louis for Matt Lindstrom

Here's another deal that will ultimately be decided by playing time. Given that I'm hovering near the bottom of the standings, I don't feel like I can afford to wait around for Taveras. I already have Gregory Polanco stashed on my bench. Don't get me wrong; Lindstrom isn't good. Having said that, he's the guy on the South Side. Given the value of closers in this league, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to acquire one for a player who may not be up for months. Then again, if Taveras is up by June, this will prove to be grand larceny by Spirit of St. Louis.

05/02 - A Century of Misery agrees to trade Michael Bourn to E-Z Sliders for Nick Castellanos

Like Brantley, Castellanos has emerged as a personal favorite of my so far this season. I really like ths skills that he's displayed in spite of the mediocre results. I actually view Bourn as more valuable on the surface, but my current roster can no longer afford to carry a player who's a zero in the power categories.

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