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Mock With Us; Get A Shot At The Real Thing

RotoAuthority is looking for some good mock drafters!  We're seeking seven people to join our mock draft, which takes place Friday, March 7th at 8pm central time.  You'll be mocking along with me, Alex Steers McCrum, Mark Polishuk, Andrew Gephardt, and Luckey Helms.  The results of the mock will be analyzed here on the site, so we're looking for dedicated people who will show up and make legitimate picks throughout.  If there are more than seven people who want in, I'll pick randomly.

This year, we're trying something different.  Each year, typically about 30-40 people apply to get into our RotoAuthority League, which has a $100 buy-in and is highly competitive (more details here, from last year).  We generally have three openings each year, as we kick out the bottom four and take in the winner of the Silver League.  This year, we're going to randomly select the new members of the RotoAuthority League out of the seven people who successfully mock drafted with us on March 7th.  The RotoAuthority League drafts on March 17th at 8pm central time, and you'll have to cough up your $100 buy-in before then through Leaguesafe.  

The bottom line: in the comments section of this post, we're looking for people who are available for the mock draft on March 7th and the real draft on March 17th, both at 8pm central time.  Be sure to include your email address in your comment.  Leave your comment by end of day Wednesday. 

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