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Poll: Does Your League Have A Transaction Limit?

Ah, the transaction limit debate.  In a fantasy baseball league with unlimited transactions, there is often little cost to adding a player to your roster on a whim.  Players will often just stash an interesting player on their bench and see how things go before putting him on the active roster.  As long as the dropped player doesn't blow up, an owner can easily make over 200 transactions without feeling repercussions.  Unlimited transactions also make it easier to reach games played maximums for position players, a quiet way to compete in the counting stat categories.

If a league slaps a limit on the number of pickups, each one is meaningful.  I'm in a league that allows just 15 adds per year, fewer than three per month on average.  You can't stream pitchers, and if you add a reliever you'd better be sure he gets regular save opportunities.  Leagues with lower transaction limits take some of the focus away from the daily grind, in-season management component of fantasy baseball, instead rewarding those who excelled at drafting or making trades.

That leads to today's poll: does your league have a transaction limit?  If you play in more than one, just answer in regard to your favorite.  Also, let us know in the comments what you consider an appropriate limit, and why.

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