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RotoAuthority League Update: Last Mile of the Marathon

The RotoAuthority League is a highly competitive 12-team fantasy baseball league run by Tim Dierkes. The settings consist of standard 5 X 5 Rotisserie scoring and 23-man lineups along with 3 bench spots. In an effort to keep owners interested as well as to infuse new blood into the league, the teams that finish below 8th place are kicked out of the league each year. The author of this column just hopes he’s not one of them.

The Race for First Place

1. Yu at the Animal Zoo 102.5

2. Smell the Glove 96

With just a week to play, it still may be premature to announce the 2013 RotoAuthority League champion. For the first time all year, however, I feel rather confident in stating that Yu at the Animal Zoo will take home the title this season. Let's see how the standings are likely to shake out over the final seven days.

First of all, Yu at the Animal Zoo and Smell the Glove won't move up or down in any of the following categories: R, HR, RBI, SV, and K. The offensive point totals for each squad are more or less set in stone. While each owner could lose a point in SB, each may also gain a point in AVG. It's on the pitching side, though, where we're more likely to witness some movement in the standings. Smell the Glove has been subjected to bad luck all season long in the wins category, and manager Tim Dierkes could still move either direction in the wins column over the final week. Along those same lines, Dierkes could still move up or down in the closely stratified ERA and WHIP categories.

Overall then, I expect Yu at the Animal Zoo to rank atop the standings a week from now. If that proves to be the case, it would certainly make for a worthy champion. For my money, no owner acquired more value on Draft Day. Oddly enough, during the season I'd argue this owner actually lost more trades than he won in terms of value accrued thereafter. Where this manager really shined, however, was on the waiver wire. Woody Allen once said, "80% of life is showing up." Well, this owner has showed up and then some throughout the daily grind of the MLB season. All told, he's made over 230 moves, 40 more than any other team in the league. There are numerous variables that lead to success in fantasy baseball, but hard work ultimately can still make the difference.

The Race for Third Place

3. Gramma Nutt Crushers 82

Yep, that's right. I've opted to place the Gramma Nutt Crushers in a tier by themselves, as they've clinched third place and a finish in the money. If you take a look back at my Draft Day recap, you'll see that no owner was more audacious than this one. While Bryce Harper and Giancarlo Stanton have failed to live up to their top-15 price tag, other bold picks like Max Scherzer and Chris Davis have catapulted this team up the standings. There's something to be said for consistent results in the top half of the standings of any fantasy league. In a league with a top-heavy prize structure like this one, however, maybe the Gramma Nutt Crushers had the right idea with this strategy, emphasizing upside at all costs. That's something I'll have to keep in mind next spring...

The Race to Avoid the Bottom Four

4. Brewsterville Bruins 69.5

5. E-Z Sliders 66

6. A Century of Misery 63.5

7. Men With Wood 60

7. Say It Ain't So Cano 60

9. Philly Cheez 57



10. Reedy 52.5

11. UP 42.5

12. Forty 2 Twenty 4 28.5

While some may feel safer than others, at this point the majority of the league only cares about avoiding the bottom four and a boot from the league. Over the past week we witnessed a shift in the standings at that ever-important eighth-place slot. The only two original teams aside from Commissioner Tim Dierkes's Smell the Glove, Philly Cheez and Men With Wood, are battling it out with their league mortality on the line. Philly Cheez actually climbed past Men With Wood this past week, but Men With Wood was able to move out of the bottom four over the weekend. Given that each owner is slightly behind the innings pace, the fates of these squads could come down to the performances of spot starters over the season's final week. It should be interesting, as other squads like Say It Ain't So Cano will also surely be picking up starting pitchers on a daily basis with next year's invitation to the league at stake.

That's all for this week. Good luck to those of you still in contention in your leagues over the randomness that is one week's worth of games.

Standings as of Sunday, September 22nd

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