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RotoAuthority League Update: The Stretch Run Has Begun

The RotoAuthority League is a highly competitive 12-team fantasy baseball league run by Tim Dierkes. The settings consist of standard 5 X 5 Rotisserie scoring and 23-man lineups along with 3 bench spots. In an effort to keep owners interested as well as to infuse new blood into the league, the teams that finish below 8th place are kicked out of the league each year. The author of this column just hopes he’s not one of them.

With the trade deadline behind us in the RotoAuthority League, the only transactions going forward will be waiver wire acquisitions. As such, sadly there will be no more trades for me to analyze down the stretch. For the rest of the season then, you can expect a similar format here from me.

Each week I'll first provide an update of the league standings. Given how the league has played out, I'll break things down into the race for first place, the battle for third place, and the fight to avoid the bottom four (and a boot from the league). Let's see how things stand at the moment.

The Race for First Place

1. Smell the Glove 107

2. Yu at the Animal Zoo 104.5

Manager Tim Dierkes of Smell the Glove began the week with a lead of five points. By Wednesday, however, Yu at the Animal Zoo had tied up Smell the Glove at 104 points. Dierkes has been able to gain back a couple of points since then, though. It's safe to say this is going to be a tight race until the finish line and thus a joy to watch down the stretch. Dierkes made a sneaky pickup this past week, stashing Derek Jeter, who should return shortly. Meanwhile, Yu at the Animal Zoo has grabbed several hitters with some pop like Matt Joyce, Adam Lind, and Brandon Moss in an effort to continue to move in the power categories. When you consider the fact that the highest score in the history of the league is 103.5 points, it's almost a shame that one of these owners won't be walking away with a championship.

The Race for Third Place

3. Gramma Nutt Crushers 76.5

4. Brewsterville Bruins 70.5

5. E-Z Sliders 63.5

6. Say It Ain't So Cano 62.5

7. Philly Cheez 62

The Gramma Nutt Crushers began the week with a relatively comfortable 7.5-point lead for third place and a finish in the money. The Brewsterville Bruins have come on strong lately, and by Thursday the Gramma Nutt Crushers were ahead by just one point. Surprisingly, there have been few waiver wire acquisitions among this tier of teams the past week. It stands to reason to some extent, as this group of teams has little chance to win the title but also is highly unlikely to be kicked out of the league. Of coure, it's always good preparation for future seasons to get some more experience in managing the categories, so I'd still expect these teams to fight for every point until October.

The Race to Avoid the Bottom Four

8. Men With Wood 55

9. A Century of Misery 51.5

10. Reedy 51

11. UP 48

12. Forty 2 Twenty 4 28

Men With Wood has hovered ahead of the bottom four for the past week. Unlike the previous group, this batch of teams has been rather acive. As the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures. While I've been scrambling to make up innings with spot starters on daily basis recently, Men With Wood has sought to maximize those games played limits by picking up hitters each day.

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