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RotoAuthority League Update: Deadline Deals

The RotoAuthority League is a highly competitive 12-team fantasy baseball league run by Tim Dierkes. The settings consist of standard 5 X 5 Rotisserie scoring and 23-man lineups along with 3 bench spots. In an effort to keep owners interested as well as to infuse new blood into the league, the teams that finish below 8th place are kicked out of the league each year. The author of this column just hopes he’s not one of them.

The trade deadline passed last night in the RotoAuthority League. Let's take a look at the deals that took place over the past week.

08/11 Smell the Glove trades Domonic Brown to UP for Austin Jackson

Sitting atop the stangings as manager of Smell the Glove, Tim Dierkes sure has been busy over the past month fine-tuning his roster with a title in mind. With insurmountable leads in both HR and RBI, Dierkes could certainly afford to move a slugger like Brown to acquire one of the top contributors in the runs category in Jackson. While I view Brown as considerably more valuable than Jackson in a vacuum, this is a clever move here. After all, Smell the Glove currently sits neck and neck in the runs category with Yu at the Animal Zoo, currently in second place overall. If Dierkes is able to pass up his closest competitor in runs then, it would in effect be a two-point swing in the standings. Meanwhile, UP sits at the bottom of the pack in RBI, so Brown should give this team a boost as it seeks to avoid finishing in the bottom four.

08/12 Brewsterville Bruins trade Prince Fielder to Yu at the Animal Zoo for David Price

Speaking of Yu at the Animal Zoo, I've pointed out previously that this owner has remarkably locked up four of the five pitching categories. On the other hand, this roster could use some power. Well then, this trade naturally makes a ton of sense then for this second-place squad. Fielder has certainly struggled this season, he but remains a good source of RBI hitting behind the otherworldly Miguel Cabrera. Coincidence or not, it's also interesting that Yu at the Animal Zoo chose to make this deal with the Brewsterville Bruins. The Bruins just happen to be close to Smell the Glove in the WHIP category. By assigning Price to this roster then, Yu at the Animal Zoo might gain another point in the standings in a rather sneaky fashion. The Bruins have had a mediocre staff for much of the season, so the acquisition of an ace like Price at a rather affordable cost should help a team poised to make a run at third place. Since returning from the DL, Price has a 51-to-3 K/BB ratio. Uhhh yeah, that's pretty good.

08/12 Brewsterville Bruins trade Jose Bautista and Edward Mujica to Yu at the Animal Zoo for Miguel Cabrera and Mitch Moreland

Less than a half hour later, these same two clubs actually agreed to another deal. In this case, Yu at the Animal Zoo had saves in mind. Not surprisingly, that just happens to be the one pitching category this team isn't running away with from the rest of the league. More importantly, Yu at the Animal Zoo is in second place in saves to none other than Smell the Glove. Just like with the trade Dierkes made to obtain Jackson then, we could see a two-point move in the standings if this owner is indeed able to climb to the top of the saves category with the addition of Mujica. In order to acquire the Cardinals closer, though, this owner did have to downgrade from Miggy to Joey Bats. While Miggy is undoubtedly the best hitter on the planet, this may not bring down the offensive point total for Yu at the Animal Zoo as much as it looks like on the surface. For one, this squad cares more about the power categories than AVG, which is clearly what separates Cabrera from Bautista. Besides, we're only dealing with a sample size of six weeks at this point, so Joey Bats could easily have as many as HR and RBI as Miggy for the balance of the season. For the Brewsterville Bruins, the loss of Mujica should only cost at most a point in the standings. Once again, the HR and RBI categories are rather close, so this deal should result in a net gain in the standings for the Bruins. 

08/13 Gramma Nutt Crushers trade Billy Butler to Yu at the Animal  Zoo for Jordan Zimmermann

Similar to the Price for Fielder swap, here again Yu at the Animal Zoo dealt an arm for a bat. Once more, this owner looked to buy low on a hitter who's in the midst of a disappointing season. Although his power has dipped this season, Butler has been on fire since the All-Star break. The deal for Butler came at the expense of Zimmermann. Currently in third place, the Gramma Nutt Crushers have a strong staff, but their one flaw is the strikeout category. From a real baseball perspective, Zimmermann is a borderline ace. His sub-7 strikeout rate, however, does hurt his fantasy value a tad. Given that he's near the bottom of the league in K/9 then, this owner has wisely prioritized the other pitching categories in an effort to secure a third-place finish.

08/14 A Century of Misery trades Rex Brothers and Danny Farquhar to Say It Ain't So Cano for Rajai Davis

Here's the only trade I made over the past week. As I've noted previously, I made the decision to punt HR around the All-Star break. I gave particular attention to the SB category because it was closely stratified at the time, and I've been fortunate to gain several points in steals over the past month. With this deal, I wanted to acquire one final speedster. The date of the trade is certainly no coincidence. Before I agreed to the deal, news broke that day not only that Colby Rasmus was headed to the DL, but also that Emilio Bonifacio had been dealt to Kansas City. With this news in mind, I felt more confident in the playing time for Davis down the stretch. From the perspective of Say It Ain't So Cano, it made sense to acquire Brothers, as this owner also has Rafael Betancourt. It was actually tough for me to give up Farquhar, as his high ERA belies truly elite skills. That being said, I still had five closers after this trade, so I should be able to stay afloat in the saves category. Meanwhile, Say It Ain't So Cano should be able to gain a couple points in saves due to this deal.

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