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RotoAuthority League Update: Standings Movers

The RotoAuthority League is a highly competitive 12-team fantasy baseball league run by Tim Dierkes. The settings consist of standard 5 X 5 Rotisserie scoring and 23-man lineups along with 3 bench spots. In an effort to keep owners interested as well as to infuse new blood into the league, the teams that finish below 8th place are kicked out of the league each year. The author of this column just hopes he’s not one of them.

With three months in the books, let's take a look at the current standings in the RotoAuthority League and see how they compare to the standings at the beginning of June. In this way, we can see which teams have risen or fallen recently. Changes in standings over the past month are provided in parentheses.

1. Smell the Glove 106.5 (+8)

2. Yu at the Animal Zoo 98.5 (+4.5)

3. Say It Ain't So Cano 83 (+12.5)

4. Gramma Nutt Crushers 73.5 (-5.5)

5. Brewsterville Bruins 73 (+4)

6. Men With Wood 70 (-0.5)

7. Reedy 60 (-5.5)

8. UP 55 (-12)

9. E-Z Sliders 49.5 (+8)

10. Philly Cheez 40.5 (+1)

11. A Century of Misery 36 (-0.5)

12. Forty 2 Twenty 4 34.5 (-9)

On the Rise

After climbing up the standings in May, Say It Ain't So Cano was once again able to make up ground in June. For this squad, it all starts with Jason Kipnis, who's been the most valuable player in all of fantasy baseball over the past month. Aside from Robinson Cano, there's no second baseman I'd rather own going forward. Eric Hosmer has also been on fire lately, possibly due to a change in placement of his hands. A wise pickup of Rajai Davis on May 30th has paid dividends, as the speedy outfielder has 14 SB since then. Meanwhile, Carlos Gonzalez and Jay Bruce have continued to provide solid production.

Tim Dierkes's Smell the Glove was already in first place on June 1st, and yet only one squad has gained more points in the standings than his since then. The dominant display by this team is bordering on the absurd. Smell the Glove currently has 107 out of a maximum possible total 120 points. In particular, the offensive production has been just silly, as Tim has accrued 58 out of 60 possible points. It's not like the pitching is weak either. In fact, WHIP is the only category in which this squad is outside the top three. As I said a month ago, at this point the RotoAuthority League has become the Commish's league to lose.

E-Z Sliders has also been able to make up ground lately in an effort to dig out of the bottom 4 and live to see another year of the league. Despite making the decision to punt saves, this team has still been able to move up in the pitching categories with a staff led by young studs Matt Harvey and Madison Bumgarner. Jayson Werth has also quietly been very productive since coming off the DL. Oh yeah, and that Mike Trout guy doesn't seem to be having a sophomore slump...

On the Decline

UP has slipped recently and now is in danger of finishing in the bottom four. A staff that looked dynamite on paper has struggled lately. Justin Verlander hasn't really been his elite self, although the luck dragons are mostly to blame. James Shields has pitched well but has just three wins to show for it on the punchless Royals. Finally, R.A. Dickey continues to be maddeningly inconsistent, as he's managed to give up at least six earned runs in six starts this year.

Forty 2 Twenty 4 has rapidly fallen to the bottom of the standings. Just when it looked like Matt Kemp might catch fire, he gets banged up again. Anthony Rizzo has really cooled off after a hot start. On paper the staff looks great, but there's also a lesson here on just how tough it is to stay competitive in the pitching categories. While Clayton Kershaw and Felix Hernandez have been terrific as usual, Jon Lester and Tim Lincecum have struggled again while C.C. Sabathia has taken a step back, too. A starting pitcher with an ERA of 4.00+ used to be just mediocre, but now it actually hurts a fantasy roster. As the leaguewide pitching statistics continue to improve, even one bad apple can ruin a fantasy owner's chances of finishing near the top of the ERA and WHIP categories. 

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