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RotoAuthority League Update: Roster Makeover

The RotoAuthority League is a highly competitive 12-team fantasy baseball league run by Tim Dierkes. The settings consist of standard 5 X 5 Rotisserie scoring and 23-man lineups along with 3 bench spots. In an effort to keep owners interested as well as to infuse new blood into the league, the teams that finish below 8th place are kicked out of the league each year. The author of this column just hopes he’s not one of them.

Poker player Dutch Boyd once said, "Poker is like sex - everyone thinks they're the best, but most people don't have a clue what they're doing." Well, fantasy baseball is no different. I'd like to think I know a little about this game, but you only need to look at the standings in the RotoAuthority League to see that I'm far from an expert. 

Why I am telling you this? Well, there's nothing more annoying than hearing someone talk about his or her fantasy team, but you'll have to excuse me this week, readers. With all due respect to the other owners in the league, I'm going to be selfish this week and focus on my squad, A Century of Misery. As I mentioned last week, I've been very active this month in shaking up my roster. All told, I've made five trades over the past three weeks. At the risk of self-indulgence, let's see what I had in mind with each of these deals.

07/13 - A Century of Misery trades Mike Napoli and Koji Uehara to UP for Michael Cuddyer and Carl Crawford

After analyzing the standings a couple weeks ago, I made the choice to punt HR going forward due to a sizeable gap in the category. Accordingly, sluggers like Napoli hve no place on my roster. Uehara has been excellent this season, but I chose to mitigate the slight chance that Boston trades for a closer before Wednesday's deadline. In exchange, Cuddyer is having a career year and should continue to provide production across the board. Finally, Crawford has once again had his share of bumps and bruises, but I have to take some gambles if I'm going to get my squad out of the bottom four. 

07/14 - A Century of Misery trades J.P. Arencibia to Men With Wood for Salvador Perez

After trading Napoli, I had an empty roster slot at catcher, so I quickly grabbed Arencibia off the waiver wire. I made this pickup despite the fact that JP is precisely the type of hitter that doesn't belong on my squad since I'm punting HR. However, I'm not the only one in the league punting a category, as Men With Wood has given up on AVG. As such, I offered up Arencibia for Perez, a player who's far less valuable to an owner who doesn't care about AVG. Men With Wood quickly accepted, and this trade is a classic example of putting yourself in your leaguemate's shoes before making an offer.

07/18 - A Century of Misery trades Chase Headley and Jhonny Peralta to Forty 2 Twenty 4 for J.J. Hardy and Nick Markakis

Like Napoli, Peralta has been one of the luckiest hitters this season, so I wanted to cash in on him, especially given that he's been linked to Biogenesis. Meanwhile, I don't see Headley turning his season around anytime soon, so I was content to move him. In return, I picked up a pair of productive Orioles in Markakis and Hardy. A multi-categorical contributor, Markakis fits well with my strategy going forward. I actually had no interest in acquiring Hardy, as his power is useless to me; however, I was relatively confident that I could flip him, given his solid season. 

07/21 - A Century of Misery trades Albert Pujols and Yoervis Medina to Yu at the Animal Zoo for Anibal Sanchez, Leonys Martin, Mitch Moreland, and Jarrod Dyson

After foolishly selecting Pujols over CarGo in the first round, I've tried to be patient with the Angels first baseman all season long, but I just couldn't hold out any longer. In choosing to punt HR, Pujols had no place on my squad, as he's simply no longer an elite hitter in AVG. Based on the news yesterday, I may have traded him just in time. Medina was simply a throw-in whom Yu at the Animal Zoo dropped immediately after the trade. I've been light on innings all season, so I needed to add another arm in Sanchez. He's displayed stellar skills this year, and I'm bullish on him down the stretch as he'll pitch mostly against weak AL Central opponents. For me, Martin was the highlight of the deal, though. Todd Zola is one of the best minds in this game, and he recently ranked Martin as a top 40 player overall. Moreland has decent pop, and I may be able to flip him for help elsewhere. Finally, Dyson doesn't play everyday; when he does, however, he's one of the top speedsters in the game. Unfortunately, I got roster-crunched over the weekend and had to let go of him.

07/25 - A Century of Misery trades J.J. Hardy to E-Z Sliders for Mark Melancon

It took a week, but I was indeed able to flip Hardy for Melancon. At the time of the deal, news on the severity of Jason Grilli's injury had yet to be released, so I was gambling a tad here. Still, the skills that Melancon has displayed this season have been too good to pass up the chance to acquire him. As long as he has the job, Melancon is easily a top ten closer. Following this deal, I now have six closers. More importantly, entering play Sunday, just 16 saves separated 4th place from my current position of 9th place in the category, so there are certainly points to be had.

OK, no more posts written solely about my squad, I promise...

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