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Prospect Prospectin': Sell Bryce Harper Edition

Here’s a clown question, bro: why do I want to start this week’s PP’in by talking not about a current prospect, but about the hottest prospect in the last 10 years? The answer: because I’m suggesting you sell him in re-draft leagues. Now, I love Bryce as much as the next guy, but you’re not going to be too happy with him if he gets hurt again.

And he will get hurt again.

The guy makes Pete Rose look like Charlie Slacker. He probably hustles around the locker room. He probably hustles at the grocery store. He probably hustles in his sleep. He clearly hustles at the barber since they only have time to cut half his hair. The guy is going to hustle himself right onto the DL many more times in his career unless he can learn how to play smarter. I mean, what the hell was that play in right field at Dodger Stadium? That was bizarre at best and absolutely stupid at worst.

Now is the time to sell him, because even though he’s on the DL, you could still get great value for him, like a Cespedes-type or maybe even a package for a couple of 2nd-tier players. If Bryce comes back later this month and then gets hurt again, his value will be nil this year. You’ll just be stuck with him. So you might as well get what you can now (or as soon as he returns from the DL). You’ll be glad you did. Bryce will learn to play smart eventually, but it doesn’t look like this is going to happen anytime soon.

Cole Hard Cash

Gerrit Cole

When Gerrit Cole was the number one draft pick in 2011 and get a record $8 million signing bonus, expectations were high. Cole met and exceeded those expectations on Tuesday, when he went 6.1 IP with 7 hits, 0 walks, 2 ER and 2 K’s. Watching him blow away hitters with an effortless 99-mph heater was a thing of beauty. Cole’s strikeouts were down in the minors this year, but that was possibly done on purpose to throw fewer pitches in an effort to conserve his arm. For a guy who regularly flirts with triple-digit fastballs (he’s been clocked as high as 102 mph), I’m not too worried about the strikeouts. The K’s will come. Cole will most certainly have his struggles this year, but he looks like he’s going to live up to the pedigree. He’s an obvious buy in keeper leagues, and I’d certainly grab him in re-draft leagues too to see if he can keep it up. Hell, the guy even had a 2-run single in his first career AB... stick him in the Utility slot!

We Bought a Zunino

Mike Zunino

Baseball’s top catching prospect after Travis D’Arnaud got the call and went 1-for-4 in his first game yesterday. His hit looked good, a rip up the middle on an 0-2 fastball. The guy seems pretty beastly, but I’m kind of skeptical that he’s going to come up and immediately produce. He was striking out a 28.4% clip in AAA this year, not to mention the terrible lineup in a pitcher’s park. I grabbed Zunino in a couple leagues - if he starts out hot I’m going to sell, sell, sell. His power is real (he kinda looks like Mini-Gattis), but his promotion seems a tad early and there’s no telling how long he’ll even be up for.

Separate the Wheat from the Jaff

Jaff Decker

With Cameron Maybin hitting the DL again, the Padres called up prospect Jaff Decker to relieve Quentin, Denorfia, or Blanks in the Padres outfield and/or Jesus Guzman at first base. Decker has sneaky 20/20 potential and a great batting eye - even though he was hitting a paltry .251 in AAA this year, his OBP was .370. Decker is definitely worth throwing a couple bucks at in OBP leagues, particularly NL-only. Who knows? Maybe he’ll return to his 2011 ways when he hit more than 20 bombs and swiped 16 bases.

Drop It Like It’s Cold

Tony Cingrani

Don’t drop him because he’s cold. Drop him because Johnny Cueto is coming back on Sunday and Cingrani is going to be sent back down. Obviously hold onto him in keeper leagues, but in re-draft leagues feel free to send him packing.

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