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Prospect Prospectin': Good Outfielders on Crappy Teams Edition

The Marlins and Twins are not good baseball teams. Luckily for the Twins, they have a ton of minor league talent (namely Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano) that are going to eventually make them contenders, probably around 2015. The Marlins, on the other hand, are probably going to suck indefinitely. But just because real-life teams are in the gutter doesn’t mean you can’t mine some fantasy gold from them. That’s the beauty of fantasy baseball - you can watch a Marlins/Twins game and actually care about the outcome! Now if they’d just invent fantasy bird watching, I’d be all over it.

The Stinky Fish

Giancarlo Stanton can’t stay healthy. It’s so sad to watch that all that potential get bogged down with nagging injuries (it also sucks that on one league I traded for him the day before I got injured). It also means the Marlins are in all likelihood going to wait to trade him until he can prove he can stay healthy for an extended period of time and they can get full value for him... which sucks. I want Stanton to go to the Yankees, or Braves, or Rangers, or basicall ANYWHERE BUT THE MARLINS. But I digress. Stanton is out, which could mean an opportunity for two fantastic prospects:

Marcell Ozuna

He’s obviously the one to pick up first since he’s got the first shot at the job. For better or worse, “The Ozuna Layer” has been compared to Adam Dunn - lots of power, tends to strike out, extremely streaky, is allergic to gluten and loves Game of Thrones (okay, I made up the last two). He already smacked 5 HRs in only 10 games at Double-A this year, so the power is there. He’s looked okay during his first couple games, so I suggest taking a flyer on him and seeing if he gets hot. But if Ozuna stumbles out of the gate, it’s worth taking a look at:

Christian Yelich

The Marlins’ best hitting prospect, Yelich might not have the power (or arm) that Ozuna has, but he’s a much better all-around hitter. He’s not exactly lighting Double-A on fire right now (only batting .267 with 0 HRs), but Yelich looked like Babe Ruth this spring and is expected to be called up by the end of the season. And with Stanton out, he could very well get his chance sooner rather than later. After all, the Marlins called up Jose Fernandez earlier than expected - who’s to say they won’t do the same with Yelich.

The Terrible Twins

The Twins are lucky to be even close to .500.  How their collecting pitching staff -- led by “ace” Vance Worley -- has an ERA below 4.00 is beyond me. But they do have two young outfielders who have shown potential.

Oswaldo Arcia

He’s only hitting .216 so far in his brief stint in the bigs, but “Lee Harvey” Oswaldo has significant power (he already has two bombs in ten games), and can hit for average (he tore up Double-A last year the the tune of .328/.398/.557). With the ceiling of a number three hitter, Arcia is seeing significant playing time and is worth grabbing before he gets hot and becomes a popular pick-up.

Aaron Hicks

Oh, how times have changed...since a month ago. Hicks was among the most popular “sleepers” this spring (if you can even call them that anymore, since everyone knows about them), and then had one of the most miserable starts to a major league career in recent memory. The bad news: he’s hitting .113/.229/.127. The good news: he’s getting better. Since being dropped down in the order, he has a hit in 7 of his last 9 games, and obviously his speed is still there. You could do worse for a 5th outfielder in deepor AL-only leagues.

File Under “Duh”

Nolan Arenado

If he’s still somehow unowned in your league, A) pick him up, and B) find a more competitive league.

Special Bauer Bonus

Trevor Bauer

Although he’s a worse rapper than Ma$e, Trevor Bauer can K batters like crazy. He’s had some control issues (okay, a lot of control issues), but took a huge step forward yesterday against the Phillies, mowing down 5 batters in 5 innings and only giving 1 hit and no runs.  Okay, so maybe he walked 6 batters in the process, but we won’t mention that. The guy can flat-out pitch. We might be looking at the next Tim Lincecum (in a good way).

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