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Caffeine Lust and Laser Cardinals

I love to drink coffee. I brew it strong, to be espresso-like, to bite the gums as it excites the nervous system. This past Sunday, rising early to the laser song of cardinals (Pew! Pew!), I brewed a ferocious pot, and, as others slept, I sipped. After one cup came the second, and, giddy with my concoction, I poured a third. My eyelids twitched; I was brilliant. 

To what ends would I commit this newfound brilliance? To the waiver wire, of course! And oh my, were the moves I made melliferous.

8:33 AM: Drop Logan Ondrusek, RP, add Brian Fuentes, RP

8:58 AM: Drop Jed Lowrie, 3B/SS, add Danny Espinosa, 2B

8:58 AM: Drop Tony Campana, OF, add Jose Tabata, OF

9:00 AM: Drop Jason Bay, OF (DL)

9:00 AM: Add Brett Anderson, SP (DL)

9:09 AM: Drop Danny Espinosa, 2B, add Andy Dirks, OF

I made the sixth move as the fourth cup of coffee touched my lips and another North Carolina cardinal fired a laser from its wooded perch. Pew! At first glance, these moves do not appear particularly objectionable, but my team severely lacks speed, and the Campana drop was a careless caffeine-induced spaz. What of yesterday morning's FAAB acquisition, then? None other than Campana, for $17, dropping Andy Dirks. The next closest bid? $2, from Mr. Dierkes. That, my fair readers, is called being "On Tilt."

As for Campana, there is no reason he won't keep getting all of the at-bats against right-handed pitching, and continue to steal bases with abandon. Campana has managed a 73.3% ground ball rate, legging out hits left and right. His infield hit percentage of 15.4% is sustainable for a player of his speed. Also, while Campana will lose at-bats to left-handed pitching, he often will be called upon to pinch-run (and potentially attempt a steal) in the games he does not start.  

Jose Tabata has two triples, a double, and a home run in his last four games, and given last March's outburst, I'm tempted by Tabata. It hasn't been pretty so far for Jose, though, with a 10.7% SwStr percentage and only four stolen bases in eight attempts. Acquire at your own risk.

Danny Espinosa has heated up, too, and increased his walk percentage, up to 11.1% from 2011's 8.7%. Espinosa's strikeout percentage has risen as well, however (29.9%), and there is no evidence that Espinosa will be anything different than he was last year. If you can withstand the batting average violence, however, by all means. 

Andy Dirks is being added widely, and with good reason. Jim Leyland likes him as the No. 2 hitter in the lineup, and now that the Tigers are beginning to rake again, the runs will come in bunches for Dirks. Dirks should be treated as Brennan Boesch was before the season began, with a little less pop and a little more speed. If you are lacking in runs, add. 

Exercise patience, fair readers. Don't go on tilt, no matter how much the caffeine is telling you otherwise. 





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