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Online Draft Sleepers in Yahoo & ESPN Leagues - Pitchers

Last week I looked at hitters from free fantasy baseball providers Yahoo & ESPN that are default ranked too low by these websites and could provide draft bargains since they will not appear near the top of the list of available players sorted by default ranking. This week I will look at pitchers who fall into these categories.

In your live online draft, you may panic when you realize your time is down to 30 seconds ... 20 seconds ... 10 seconds to make your pick, and you are frantically searching for a player to draft before you get stuck with the dreaded autopick. Rather than fall into the trap of taking the highest default-ranked player remaining, have some hidden jems stored in your "queue" to take late in a draft instead of relying on the website's default rankings.

The hidden jems provide an advantage compared to owners that after the first 15 rounds get lazy and take one of the top default ranked remaining players rather than searching throughout the website's default rankings. A good strategy is to identify players that are buried in the default rankings that may slip through the cracks of online drafts. You should then place these players in your "queue" to avoid forgetting about them. In the recent RotoAuthority draft (my team is Men With Wood), I loaded up my "queue" with hidden jems buried in Yahoo's default rankings immediately after entering the live draft.

Starting Pitchers

  • ESPN -
    • Yu Darvish (123, compared to 87 on Yahoo and 84th selection in RotoAuthority draft ... Potential to start strong as hitters are not familiar with him and name recognition provides excellent trading opportunities.
    • Jhoulys Chacin (230, compared to 201 on Yahoo ... Taken at 235 in the RotoAuthority draft)
    • Derek Holland (242, compared to 204 on Yahoo)
    • Trevor Cahill (268)
    • Johan Santana (309 ... Drafted at 214 in RotoAuthority draft)
    • Ryan Vogelsong (311)
    • Juan Nicasio (365 ... Drafted at 304 in RotoAuthority draft)
    • Chris Capuano (386)

Relief Pitchers

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