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5 Outfielders to Draft Late

Late is often bad. Late for work; late for an appointment. Late for rent. I'm sure you can think of a few others. 

On the other hand, you might like to work late. You are a hard worker; good job. You'll succeed in this life. As Vince Lombardi said, "The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary." Lombardi was a true logophile.  

Late can be fun. You might like to party late, engaging in disreputable behavior. You might be, as they say in Chinese, a night cat (ye maozi 夜猫子 - infinitely more apt than "night owl"; you prowl, you don't hoot). And late is very, very fun in fantasy baseball. 

All six of these OF have ADPs greater than 200 on both Yahoo! and MDC. Grab two or three or all of them, sketchball. 

Brennan Boesch: MDC: 216.0, Yahoo!: 240.5

Esteemed colleague Mike Axisa first wrote about Boesch here. As Mike noted, Jim Leyland already has Boesch penciled into the two-hole (for you night cats) in the Tigers lineup for 2012 (see here). Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera, while outweighing Fiats, have been known to knock runs in. This bodes well for Boesch. Boesch-boding FTW! 

Outside of Boesch's sublime situation, yet further reason exists to swoon Brennan's way. In his sophomore season in the bigs, Boesch decreased his SwStr% from 12.1% in '10 to 9.0%. His contact rate rose from 78.3% to 82.1%. His LD% burgeoned from 15.2% to 18.2%. His HR/FB% grew from 9.6% to 11.9%. His Thesaurus usage blossomed to 42.2%. And, perhaps most importantly, his OBP increased from .320 to .341.

Boesch's upside, given 600+ PA? .285/25/80/110/10. 

Lucas Duda: MDC: 227.1, Yahoo!: 222.6

Duda's triple slashes in the final three months of 2011, after seeing regular playing time:

July: .300/.383/.529

August: .319/.382/.527

September: .311/.416/.514

Good for wOBAs of .387, .392, and .401, respectively. 

Now, Duda did suffer a concussion on September 21st, 2011. We know how dreadful concussions can be. Yet by October 31st, 2011, Adam Rubin reported that Duda was symptom free. With the Flushing fences pulled in and a spot on the roster set, Duda could do some very nice things in 2012. Let us not forget the half-season Duda registered in 2010 at AAA, after having been promoted: .314/.389/.610 in 298 PA.

Duda's 2012 upside: .300/25/100/90/5. 

Jose Tabata: MDC: 228.5, Yahoo!: 227.0

If Tabata was bitten by the injury bug in 2011, it was by some sort of big, fat, smart-bug. 

Tabata is ready to roll for 2012, however, and is locked in to the leadoff spot after signing a new contract. Granted, it's the Pittsburgh Pirates, but let's not forget that Tabata managed 9 SB, 16 R, and 3 HR in April last year. At 23 years old, with a secure role, Tabata is a solid late-round pick. 

Upside: .300/10/50/100/40. 

Alex Rios: MDC: 219.3, Yahoo!: 231.8

Rios is not 23 years old; later this week, he'll be 31. Rios had a .266 wOBA in 2011, over 570 PA, good for -0.7 WAR! Epic fail. I've never been an Alex Rios fan, relative to where he's been drafted, but an ADP in the 220s mews profit to me. Even in his year of unbelievably epic fail, Rios still managed 13 HR and 11 SB. Between Gordon Beckham, Adam Dunn, and Alex Rios, something funny was in the White Sox agua last year. They're all good buys in '12. 

Rios's upside: 2010. 

Colby Rasmus: MDC: 209.4, Yahoo!: 231.8

Rasmus's monster year at AA in 2007 (.275/.381/.551 in 556 PA, 18 SB) rocketed him to blue-chip status. After posting a .276/.361/.498 line (with 12 SB) in 534 PA with the Cardinals in 2010, many thought the sky was the limit. He ended up at the Skydome (Rogers Centre, I know), and, well, didn't hit. After a rocky start, getting traded to a different team in a different league in a different country at the age of 24 can't feel good. With an offseason and spring training to adjust, I like Rasmus in 2012. 

Upside: .275/25/90/85/15

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