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What It Takes To Win 2011

Our annual What It Takes To Win series attempts to estimate the stats you will need to place fourth in each of the ten roto categories in a 12-team mixed league with 14 hitters (2 catchers), 9 pitchers, 3 bench spots, and 2 DL spots.  Aiming for fourth in each category might seem like a lame strategy, but if you pull it off you'll have 90 points and a good shot at winning.

Looking at info from various 2010 leagues that followed the above format, here are my estimates for 2011:


  • .273 AVG
  • 260 HR (19 per hitter)
  • 1031 RBI (74 per hitter)
  • 1064 R (76 per hitter)
  • 169 SB (12 per hitter)


  • 3.59 ERA
  • 1.24 WHIP
  • 1314 Ks (188 per six starters, assuming 62 K per closer)
  • 102 W (15 per six starters, assuming 4 W per closer)
  • 91 SV (30 per three closers)

Compared to 2009 year, there was a clear trend toward pitching.  It's impossible to say whether that will hold up in 2011.  Among these ten categories I saw the most variance on saves, which makes sense, because it depends on how aggressively your leaguemates pursue them. 

Would the above benchmarks have won your league in 2010, assuming you use this format?

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