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Second Baseman Rankings

Our catcher and first baseman rankings are up; now it's time to look at second base.  As always, my dollar values reflect a 12-team mixed league with 23-man active rosters (C, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI, OF, OF, OF, OF, OF, DH).  Everything here is subject to change and open to suggestion.  Average draft round is in parentheses, courtesy of Mock Draft Central.

  1. Chase Utley (2) - $20.62
  2. Dustin Pedroia (3) - $18.97
  3. Robinson Cano (1) - $17.85
  4. Rickie Weeks (4) - $16.78
  5. Ian Kinsler (5) - $16.56
  6. Dan Uggla (5) - $14.75
  7. Tsuyoshi Nishioka (38) - $14.27
  8. Brian Roberts (11) - $11.28
  9. Sean Rodriguez (39) - $10.56
  10. Brandon Phillips (4) - $9.93
  11. Kelly Johnson (10) - $9.66
  12. Ben Zobrist (11) - $9.64
  13. Danny Espinosa (42) - $8.94
  14. Howie Kendrick (20) - $8.55
  15. Martin Prado (7) - $7.70
  16. Neil Walker (33) - $7.28
  17. Gordon Beckham (20) - $5.56
  18. Chone Figgins (8) - $5.56
  19. Aaron Hill (15) - $3.84
  20. Omar Infante (27) - $3.34
  21. Bill Hall (Not drafted) - $1.68
  22. Alexi Casilla (Not drafted) - $1.45
  23. Juan Uribe (28) - $0.95
  24. Mike Aviles (15) - $0.41

Let me start by saying that I am aggressive in my playing time projections.  I don't like to hedge and average Brian Roberts' last two seasons' AB totals and put him down for 431 in 2011.  I generally project as if the player is healthy, so Roberts gets 600 ABs from me.  So these dollar values don't really reflect injury risk, but I think that's necessary to make good rankings.  Last year if you put Rickie Weeks down for 400 ABs you might have not realized what he would do with 650.

With that in mind, Cano does not carry the injury risk of Utley or Pedroia.  Cano has the first-round ADP and I think that's justified.  But, a healthy Utley or Pedroia ought to be right there with him in value.  Kinsler in the fifth round strikes me as early given his health issues.  Then again, 600 ABs and he's literally my top-ranked second baseman.

This is a position that will win leagues, with potential massive bargains like Nishioka, Rodriguez, Espinosa, Walker, and Beckham.  I sprung for Beckham in the eighth round last year and I'm not convinced he's all that different of a player a year later.  There is a surprising number of second basemen capable of double digit home runs and steals.    There are too many steals at this position to go for a Uribe or even a Prado, in my opinion.  Prado, Phillips, Figgins are going too early for me.

Clearly to draft Nishioka over Phillips as your primary second baseman (assuming Nishioka qualifies at the position) is a risky move.  Nishioka has yet to play in the Majors and Phillips is a perennial 20/20 guy.  But if there is ever a year to pass on the big names at second base and stock up on two or three late-draft gambles, this is it.

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