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Santana, Stanton Have Higher Price On Yahoo, ESPN

So far this year we have been using Average Draft Position (ADP) data from Mock Draft Central exclusively.  It makes for a solid proxy, but most of you will not actually run your draft with MDC.  Instead, you'll use a big provider like Yahoo or ESPN.

Yahoo ADP data is difficult to get into a spreadsheet; you have to go to the Draft Analysis tab, copy position by position, and remove accent marks to tie it to projection data with vlookups.  And even then, many players are missing.  Still, it is easy to look up individual players on Yahoo to see if their ADP is drastically different from MDC.  ESPN ADP data is simple to look up under Live Draft Results and easy to import too.

For most top hitters, the MDC average draft round runs in tandem with Yahoo and ESPN.  However, young studs Carlos Santana and Mike Stanton stand out.

Using MDC, you might expect Santana and Stanton to be major bargains.  The have ADPs of 129.61 and 151.39 respectively, which in a 12-team league means the 11th round for Santana and 13th round for Stanton.  But on Yahoo, Santana goes at 75.2 and Stanton at 90.9, meaning the seventh and eighth rounds.  In ESPN, Santana is at 89.2 and Stanton is at 70.3.  You often have to spring for someone at least a  round early to make sure you get them, and once you get down to the round 6-7 range, Santana and Stanton are starting to look pretty risky.  Matt Wieters and Chris Davis once felt like acceptable picks in this range, and they were total busts.

A good strategy is to get recent average draft round data from your provider on draft day.  But this data is only a guide to help you decide whether your targeted player will be gone by the time the draft snakes back to you.  Auction leagues do not have these concerns - you can figure out your dollar value range for each player and bid on anyone you like.

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