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Designated Hitter Rankings

Most mixed league players won't lock an actual designated hitter into their team's DH spot, but there are a few to consider.  Average draft round from Mock Draft Central is in parentheses.

  1. Vladimir Guerrero (7) - $13.94
  2. David Ortiz (17) - $8.16
  3. Luke Scott (30) - $3.14
  4. Hideki Matsui (28) - $0.87

These guys all have pretty low projected AB totals; Vlad is at 550 and the others are in the 500 range.  Scott should qualify at outfield a little bit into the season.  Aside from Vlad, most full-time DHs are batting average liabilities with good power and no speed.  Further down the list you'll find Jack Cust, Jim Thome, and Travis Hafner.

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