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Bad Basestealing

Today let's take a look at some players with poor stolen base success rates in 2010 and at least ten attempts.  They could be speed sleepers for 2011 if they improve their approach.

  • Gordon Beckham - 10 attempts, 40% success rate.  He didn't attempt to steal much in the minors, but he only played 59 games there.  Beckham had a lousy rate in '09 as well, but did make 11 attempts in 103 games.  15 attempts and a 75% success rate would give you an 11-steal player.
  • Adam Jones - 14 attempts, 50%.  It'd be nice to see him try a little more, but clearly he's capable of double digits.
  • Corey Hart - 13 attempts, 54%.  Perhaps Hart fancies himself a power hitter now, as his attempt number was his lowest in a full season.  Are his 20/20 days behind him?
  • Starlin Castro - 18 attempts, 56%.  That's 18 attempts in 125 games.  I have to think he can steal 20 next year.
  • Matt Kemp - 34 attempts, 56%.  Maybe Kemp wanted another 20 or 30 steal season too much.  I think he'll jump back to 30 swipes next year.
  • Brandon Phillips - 28 attempts, 57%.  Still a threat to steal 20.
  • A few others with lousy success rates: Colby Rasmus, Alexei Ramirez, David Wright, Mark Reynolds, Matt Holliday, Jason Heyward, and Kelly Johnson.  Typically unless the player has a history of stealing below a 70% success rate, I assume he'll get back to around 75%.

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