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Time To Switch To SIERA

It's time to start relying on Baseball Prospectus' pitching stat SIERA (Skill-Interactive Earned Run Average), introduced in February.  Right now the most common pitching stat of this type used is xFIP.  XFIP is great and it's aided many of my fantasy baseball pickups, but it's time to move on to SIERA.  SIERA has improved methodology and corrects for many of xFIP's flaws.  Right now xFIP is more accessible - it's available for free at FanGraphs and included in their splits data.  Perhaps that's a fantasy advantage for you - if you're paying for BP you have access to the best pitching stat for predicting future performance.

Let's see if SIERA can find some gems for the last two months of the season.  The following pitchers have ERAs over 4.00 but SIERAs under 4.00 (minimum 75 innings):

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