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The All-Dropped Pitching Staff

The RotoAuthority League is comprised of me and eleven readers of this site every year, and it's fiercely competitive.  Bragging rights are at stake, plus everyone puts in $100 and the bottom four are kicked out for the following season.  However, like any league, we're prone to hasty drops.  This league allows for unlimited transactions, too.  Check out this pitching staff made entirely of dropped hurlers, including drop dates:

SP - Mat Latos - Apr 17, Apr 20, Apr 28
SP - Carl Pavano - Apr 21, May 30, June 3, June 26
SP - Andy Pettitte - Apr 9, Apr 27, Apr 30
SP - Brett Myers - Apr 20, Apr 30, May 16, July 23
SP - C.J. Wilson - May 25, July 19
SP - Ervin Santana - June 24
RP - John Axford - May 27
RP - Kevin Gregg - Apr 1, Apr 9
RP - Chris Perez - June 1, June 22, June 30

Want more?  I could form an entire second rotation with the leftovers - Johnny Cueto, Gavin Floyd, Ted Lilly, Gio Gonzalez, and Brett Cecil.  I might replace Santana with Cueto after tonight's drubbing, but you get the idea.

I can't just make a blanket statement to hold steady for the first two months of the season - on the flip side of all these drops were great pickups.  However this does support a theory of mine: in many mixed leagues, even competitive ones, you could pay very little heed to your pitching staff on draft day and still win the league if you make strong in-season decisions.  And with so many viable starters getting dropped, it's not like you had to be perfect in your choices. 

I liked Latos all winter, enough to snag him in two leagues, but then cut him based on two bad starts.  The kid had good stuff, the right home ballpark - yet three of us were convinced he wasn't worth rostering based on a ridiculously small sample.  It's so easy to preach patience, but so hard to practice it in April after one of your guys gets bombed.

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