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2010 Sleepers: Second Basemen

Thanks to Baseball Monster, here are 2010's top mixed league first basemen.  I've also added the round in which they were drafted in March, using data from Mock Draft Central.

  1. Robinson Cano (4)
  2. Dan Uggla (8)
  3. Rickie Weeks (17)
  4. Brandon Phillips (3)
  5. Martin Prado (19)
  6. Kelly Johnson (26)
  7. Ben Zobrist (5)
  8. Howie Kendrick (12)
  9. Placido Polanco (20)
  10. Dustin Pedroia (4)
  11. Omar Infante (not drafted)
  12. Alberto Callaspo (28)
  13. Ian Kinsler (2)
  14. Orlando Hudson (16)
  15. Chase Utley (1)
  16. Sean Rodriguez (not drafted)
  17. Skip Schumaker (28)
  18. Aaron Hill (5)

There's been a lot of good value at second base this year: Cano, Uggla, Weeks, Prado, Johnson, Kendrick, Polanco, and Infante must be considered.  Why were they underrated?

  • Cano: Projected to regress from a strong 2009 season; lack of steals.  When I say projected to regress, I mean I had Cano at .303-21-87-87-3.  Very respectable, but instead he's held last year's batting average while adding HR and RBI.  I guess the lesson here is that a big season is occasionally followed by an even better one instead of the usual regression.
  • Uggla: Batting average concerns, lack of steals.  Uggla's biggest flaw was his projected .250 AVG, but he's at .286 in 2010.  Baseball HQ has his expected AVG at .264, so this may be a fluke.
  • Weeks: Batting average, health concerns.  Though Weeks hit .272 last year in 37 games, I was expecting something closer to his career norm and projected .254.  The current .273 AVG is probably a little over his head.  The bigger point is that Weeks was not necessarily undervalued...he was a major health risk and was drafted as such.  He traded some speed for power this year, a formula that's worked just fine.
  • Prado: Playing time concerns.  I ranked Prado 14th among 2Bs, expecting a solid year given 600 ABs.  He's provided more power and AVG than expected, but he was mainly undervalued because he wasn't a full-time player for all of '09.
  • Johnson: Had experienced success, but disappointed in previous season.  I have always been a big KJ fan, ranking him 13th among 2Bs.  He was a candidate for double digit power and speed with regular playing time, and the move to Arizona didn't hurt.  It's weird he was drafted so late.
  • Kendrick: Health concerns.  Kendrick, like Weeks, is having his healthiest season.  His customary AVG isn't there, but he's provided value in the other categories.
  • Polanco: Had experienced success, but disappointed in previous season.  Joining the top of the Phillies' lineup and moving back to the NL didn't hurt.
  • Infante: Playing time concerns.  He's hit for AVG in years past, but no one predicted .349.  He may not even reach 400 ABs, but that gaudy AVG still helps plenty.

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