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2010 Sleepers: First Basemen

Thanks to Baseball Monster, here are 2010's top mixed league first basemen.  I've also added the round in which they were drafted in March, using data from Mock Draft Central.

  1. Miguel Cabrera (1)
  2. Albert Pujols (1)
  3. Joey Votto (3)
  4. Paul Konerko (18)
  5. Mark Teixeira (1)
  6. Adrian Gonzalez (3)
  7. Aubrey Huff (28)
  8. Kevin Youkilis (3)
  9. Ryan Howard (1)
  10. Adam Dunn (5)
  11. Prince Fielder (1)
  12. Adam LaRoche (17)
  13. Justin Morneau (4)
  14. Gaby Sanchez (36)
  15. Billy Butler (8)
  16. James Loney (16)
  17. Carlos Pena (7)
  18. Derrek Lee (8)

Tons of disappointments in this group, but Votto, Konerko, Huff, LaRoche, and Sanchez returned good value.  Let's attempt to classify these five first basemen.

  • Votto: Off-field concerns, undervaluing of steals.  In March I labeled Votto a first-round value, and therefore wasn't shy about taking him in the middle of the second round.  I had him projected for eight steals, which added a couple of bucks to his value.  It's still hard to see why fantasy leaguers weren't jumping on him earlier after such a strong 2009 season within 544 plate appearances.  Perhaps they only saw the counting stats and were not aware that Votto missed most of June with an anxiety issue.  Simply projecting Votto's '09 stats over 600 PAs showed you he was in for a monster year.
  • Konerko: Boring player, unexpected resurgence in age 34 season.  Konerko's 2010 season is outside of the normal aging curve.  You might have drafted him as a .270-30-90 CI type, and even that is pretty good in the 18th round.  Instead he's probably going to come in with a .315 average and nearly 40 home runs, something few people could have guessed.
  • Huff: Had experienced success, but disappointed in previous season.  Switched to NL.  We knew Huff was capable of big things based on his '08 season, and he was moving to the easier league.
  • LaRoche: Boring player.  LaRoche is pretty much doing his thing - 25 homers, 85+ RBIs.  Moving to Chase Field made him slightly less boring, so hopefully you took a chance on him late. 
  • Sanchez: Playing time concerns, questionable power, undervaluing of steals.  Plenty of reasons not to draft Sanchez out of the gate.  He'd slugged only .475 in Triple A in 2009, so a poor man's Lyle Overbay wasn't terribly appealing to mixed leaguers.  Still, the idea that Sanchez could hit 20 homers and swipe about eight bags given regular playing time was quite reasonable.  Sanchez officially won the Marlins' first base job on March 29th, so that was the time to grab him off the waiver wire.

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