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Benching Your Starting Pitchers

I have waffled over the years as to whether it makes sense to bench your starting pitchers occasionally if they're facing tough offenses.  I always seem to guess wrong.  Tom Gorzelanny against the Pirates, that's a must-start.  But Gorzelanny in Citizens Bank against the best offense in the NL, especially against lefties - I'll sit him.  The result: I've danced around Gorzelanny's best starts.

The philosophy I hope to abide by: if he's good enough to be a permanent part of your roster, he should be active for all starts.  Against the Phillies, against the Yankees, in Colorado, whatever.  If it was easy to consistently predict the outcome of a single game, I'd be doing a whole lot of baseball betting.  I don't sit my position players against Roy Halladay and Tim Lincecum, and I probably shouldn't bench decent starters against good offenses either.  If I picked a guy up solely to face the Astros, that's one thing, but otherwise I shouldn't pick and choose starts.

What's been your experience with benching your more marginal starters?  Have you seen evidence that supports spot-starting?

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