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Learnings From 2009

I've been crunching some more 2009 numbers and found some interesting things.

Looking at the values of the top 168 hitters and the top 108 pitchers, I found a split of 61.9% hitting 38.1% pitching.  So next time some fantasy site tells you a 70/30 split is correct, make sure there is something behind the assertion.  That's not to say you should actually allocate 38% of your draft budget toward pitching; I've found that in most leagues good pitchers are easier to acquire off waivers.

I also found that the top 36 middle infielders fell within the top 144 non-catchers in 2009.  Casey McGehee was the #36 infielder, and he came a few spots before the #144 non-catcher Mark Teahen.  In other words, no adjustment upward for middle infielders was necessary in 2009.  Simply being an MI didn't increase a player's value.  That doesn't mean that Chase Utley isn't a first-rounder or that it's easy to find a top-notch MI.

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