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Introducing @CloserNews

@CloserNews is a new venture I am launching for the 2010 season.  The goal is to create a Twitter account focused solely on bringing you instant, breaking information about closer changes or potential closer changes.  My other site, MLB Trade Rumors, has a writer covering baseball hot stove news during most waking hours.  The MLBTR writers will now re-tweet pertinent closer information to the @CloserNews Twitter page.

The idea for @CloserNews came from my own fantasy baseball need.  I am in several competitive mixed leagues where you must be lightning-fast to pick up replacement closers when a team's situation changes due to injury, poor performance, or a trade.  RotoWorld and RotoWire do a great job giving us all fantasy news very quickly on their sites and on Twitter.  @CloserNews should apply a very specific filter to that huge stream of baseball news while also instantly pulling information from the source (beat writers).

The community element will hopefully add to @CloserNews.  First, you need to follow us on Twitter.  Second, you can help us broadcast news instantly!  If you're watching a ballgame or see breaking news online about a potential closer change, and we don't have it yet, tweet about it and include @CloserNews in your message.  Doing so will catch our writer's attention, and he can tweet the information to everyone if necessary.

Starting today, we'll be monitoring stories for @CloserNews, though it may be a few weeks before relevant breaking information starts to surface.  If the project succeeds, I hope to create a closernews.com website where you can comment/debate on each situation and also stay up-to-date without a Twitter account.  A frequently-updated closer grid would also be helpful.

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