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2010 Sleepers: Julio Borbon

Rangers outfielder Julio Borbon is currently being picked in the 16th round on average, and he could be quite a bargain for your fantasy team.

According to this AP story, Borbon will not be shielded against lefties in 2010.  He is penciled in as the Rangers' center fielder and leadoff man.  Say I put him down for 600 ABs, not atypical for a leadoff man.  In that case Borbon would have a projected fantasy line of .293-5-53-95-40.  It'd be a very Juan Pierre-like line (Pierre is a huge sleeper himself, since he'll play everyday and lead off for the White Sox).

Certain speedsters are not getting proper respect this year.  Borbon, Pierre, Rajai Davis, Everth Cabrera, and Elvis Andrus are all projected to swipe 40+ bags and score 80+ runs, but they're going in the 13th round or later.

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