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2010 RotoAuthority League Draft Results

12 combatants squared off last night in the $100 RotoAuthority league.  Format: mixed 5x5 with C, C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, CI, MI, OF, OF, OF, OF, OF, DH, SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P, P, P, P, Bn, Bn, Bn, DL, DL.  Click here to view the results.

I had the sixth pick, and ended up with this group:

  1. Matt Kemp (6) - I was hoping for Braun or Utley to drop to me, but Kemp was the consolation prize.
  2. Joey Votto (19) - I didn't want to do this, but Rollins, Tulo, Wright, and Lincecum were off the board.  I feel Votto can potentially match the overall production of some of the bigger-name 1Bs like Teixeira.
  3. Mark Reynolds (30) - Having taken Kemp and Votto, with Jeter on the radar, I felt I could stomach Reynolds' .250-.260 AVG for big contributions in the other four categories.  I also didn't like the remaining 3Bs nearly as much.
  4. Derek Jeter (43) - With Zobrist gone this was an easy choice.
  5. Carlos Lee (54) - Cruz and Werth were off the board, but I wanted to keep adding offense.  Brian Roberts and his back scare me.
  6. Gordon Beckham (67) - At this point Asdrubal Cabrera was the best available 2B.  Then I realized I could use Beckham there within a week or so, and I feel Beckham has more upside.
  7. Hunter Pence (78) - Not in love with this pick, but he won't hurt you.
  8. Carlos González (91) - I knew I'd have to take CarGo early in this league.  Jay Bruce and the other remaining OFs didn't hold the same appeal for me.
  9. Javier Vázquez (102) - Billingsley and Brett Anderson, also in my queue, went right before this pick.  But I was happy to get Vazquez; I think his projected downturn is overblown.
  10. Geovany Soto (115) - With Montero and Napoli off the board I had to take Soto.  Last year I got burned picking him in the 5th round, but this was easier to stomach.  Speaking of stomachs, Geo lost 40 pounds!
  11. Francisco Liriano  (126) - I regret not taking Garza here.  Liriano this early was quite risky, with plenty of more reliable interesting arms available.  If he closes, I'll have to make a trade for a starter.
  12. Ryan Dempster (139)
  13. Chad Qualls (150)
  14. Carlos Beltrán (163) - My thinking was that 3/4 of a Beltran season is worth $15, plus I will have someone filling in in the meantime.  It was the best OF upside pick I could find.
  15. Garrett Jones (174)
  16. Matt Capps (187)
  17. Kelly Johnson (198)
  18. Brandon Webb (211) - Probably risky to make a second Beltran-like move and tie up both DL spots until at least May.
  19. Matt Lindstrom  (222) - There were no remaining stable closers at this point, and I didn't feel like jockeying for saves this year, so I took both Astros candidates to ensure I have three closers.
  20. Brandon Lyon  (235)
  21. Mat Latos  (246) - Maybe it's because he plays for the Padres, but Latos is getting surprisingly little love.  If he's capped at 160 innings, I'll just drop him at that point.
  22. Jason Hammel (259) - His last four months were very sharp; I can see a sub-4.00 ERA and good WHIP. 
  23. Colby Lewis (270) - Dominant in Japan, worth a look.
  24. Jeff Francoeur (283) - If he runs more, this could be a solid pick until Beltran is ready.
  25. Ramón Hernández (294) - It hurt to settle for Hernandez.  I will be looking to upgrade.
  26. Adam Kennedy (307) - He'll take second base until Beckham is eligible, and then will probably be cut.  But, his 2009 numbers were better than I realized.

After settling last year for veterans like Chipper Jones, John Lackey, Carlos Delgado, and Randy Johnson because they were the highest-projected on my board, I decided to take a different approach in 2010.  My plan was simply to not make any picks I didn't like.  If it didn't feel right I didn't do it.  I chose upside and offense whenever possible.  I find starting pitching the easiest thing to find on the waiver wire, so I let that become a deficiency.

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