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A Look At Kyle Blanks

Padres right fielder/first baseman Kyle Blanks is intriguing to me.  Let's start with projections:

  • CHONE: .265/.353/.459 with 16 HR in 416 PAs (23 HR in 600 PAs).
  • Bill James: .277/.362/.475 with 25 HR in 590 PAs
  • Shandler: .252/.327/.454 with 21 HR in 476 PAs (26 in 600 PAs)

So, the systems are looking at Blanks' age 22 season at Triple A - .283/.393/.485 with 12 HR in 280 PAs - and also his big league line of .250/.355/.514 with 10 HR in 172 PAs.  Both of Blanks' home ballparks were pitcher-friendly, though it didn't affect his power at the Triple A level. 

A potentially low-average guy projected to hit 25 HR at best...you're probably not hooked.  Did I mention the plantar fasciitis?

What makes Blanks a pretty good pick is that he's barely being drafted in mixed leagues.  Padres players often fall under the fantasy radar.  Also, Blanks' scouting reports talk about a huge guy with massive raw power.  MLB.com's Corey Brock says his foot is healed.  Blanks is worth snagging in the late stages of your draft as a potential breakout candidate.  Already projected to hit 25 HR, he's got the potential to hit 30+.

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