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First Round Busts

Every year brings a handful of first-round busts.  Let's see who qualifies this year.

  • Some will argue for David Wright's inclusion, since he only has 5 HR currently.  Since Wright's been an asset in the other four categories, he's not a bust.  Similar story for Ian Kinsler, who's hitting .248 but doing well otherwise.
  • Jose Reyes tallied just 166 plate appearances this year.  He's sidelined with a strained hamstring with no end in sight.  And once he comes back, will he steal bases like the Reyes of old?  Hanley Ramirez put some serious distance between himself, Reyes, and Jimmy Rollins this year.
  • Grady Sizemore has this fantasy line: .234-13-49-44-9 in 334 plate appearances (7 times caught stealing).  He spent time on the DL with elbow pain and will require surgery after the season.  He seems to be back on track this month, and should still amass solid value.
  • Rollins has been disappointing - .238-8-37-56-16 in 407 PAs.  Since he's still flirting with a 100 run, 30 SB pace, he's not a total bust. 
  • Josh Hamilton has a fantasy line of .243-7-28-25-5 in 189 PAs.  He missed a bunch of time with surgery for a torn abdomen.  Like several others on this list, he still has time to make up ground.
  • Reyes and Hamilton, due to injury, stand as the biggest first-round busts of 2009.  Has your team been able to withstand a first-round bust?

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