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Mailbag: Sanchez, Sabathia, Peavy

A look through the mailbag...

Should I keep waiting on Jonathan Sanchez to break out, or should I cut him
loose?  I love those Ks, but he seems to get hit hard every time. - Ellis

Perhaps you can let us know in the comments who you'd be cutting Sanchez for.  But I see the same old Sanchez - lots of Ks, WHIP killer.  He's shown no progress with control; in fact, it's gotten worse.  Most likely there are several starting pitchers on your waiver wire I'd rather have.

Hey Tim, who would you rather have from this point onward in a mixed 5x5 roto league: C.C. Sabathia or Jake Peavy? - Ian

Pretty easy call for Sabathia for me.  Less injury risk, better chance at getting wins.  Peavy could end up playing for a better team, but at the cost of his advantageous ballpark.

Tim, any chance you make make a complete list of pitcher eWHIP available or know where such a list exists? - Tom

Unfortunately it only exists as a spreadsheet on my computer, and it's outdated since it does not update continually.  Maybe we can make it a monthly feature if the interest is there.

Get in on next week's mailbag - submit your question here.  The goal is to find questions that can help everyone rather than ones specific to your team or league.

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