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Best Since May 1

I am digging a website called Baseball Monster, which has all kinds of neat fantasy baseball tools.  I generated a list of the leaders in fantasy value since May 1st of this year.  How many of these guys could you have bought low on May 1st?

  1. Joe Mauer - Missed all of April, so yes, you could've bought low.  But there was no way to know he'd go on such a tear.
  2. Justin Verlander - Posted a 6.75 ERA and 1.54 WHIP in April, but the K/BB numbers were sparkling.  So he was a true buy-low opportunity.
  3. Albert Pujols
  4. Carl Crawford
  5. Justin Upton - His April line: .250-2-8-8-1, with spotty playing time.  So if you'd been willing to bet on the talent you could've had him on the cheap.
  6. Mark Teixeira - He was brutal in April, but I doubt he came heavily discounted in many leagues.
  7. Prince Fielder - Not as disappointing as Tex, but perhaps a .234-3-17-7-0 April caused some owners to doubt him.
  8. Mark Reynolds
  9. Roy Halladay
  10. Tim Lincecum - There was tangible concern as Lincecum's ERA sat at 7.56 after his first two starts.  After that he was off and running.
  11. David Wright - As with Tex, owners typically don't jump ship on their top picks.  But Wright did hit just .280-1-8-15-3 in April.
  12. Jason Bay
  13. Josh Beckett - Definitely an opportunity here after a 7.22 ERA, 1.81 WHIP April.
  14. Ryan Braun - The spring intercostal strain did not affect his April numbers.
  15. Raul Ibanez
  16. Dan Haren
  17. Justin Morneau
  18. Hanley Ramirez - April line: .289-2-12-9-3.  Still probably near-impossible to obtain reasonably.
  19. Torii Hunter
  20. Ben Zobrist - He smacked 4 HR in April, but spotty playing time might have convinced an owner to let him go.
  21. Matt Cain - I thought Cain's 2.08 April ERA, despite only 18 Ks in 26 innings, made him a possible sell-high candidate.  Oops.
  22. Chris Carpenter - He tore his oblique on April 14th, and plenty of owners chalked it up to the same ol' injured Carp.  But he returned May 20th and remained an ace.
  23. Ryan Howard - An April line of .288-4-15-12-0 might've been considered pedestrian for him.
  24. Brandon Phillips - He was brutal in April, and rewarded those who bought low.
  25. Jered Weaver

So those you truly could've bought low on: Mauer, Verlander, Upton, Beckett, Carpenter, and Phillips.  The problem is that the April fantasy leaders were not flukes for the most part.

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