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Responding To Lame Trade Offers

Jon Williams of Advanced Fantasy Baseball posted a list of "ten fantasy baseball trade secrets" yesterday.  Here's #6:

If you get an offer you don't like, don't freak out, just make a counter offer. I read about poor reactions to trade offers all the time. Reacting with anger or any excess emotion over a bad offer is really just a waste of time. It also creates bad will with an owner who may have just honestly misjudged the value of a player. If you present a counter offer you create a dialogue which could lead to a trade that is much better than the one you refused. But don't try to out bad offer him, suggest a fair trade that would actually help your team and his. You may end up making your league stronger by doing this.

Jon makes a great point here.  I violated this rule recently in the RotoAuthority league.  I'd just lost my MI, Rickie Weeks, for the season.  Andrew of A Century Of Misery offered me Ryan Theriot, Placido Polanco, and Jim Thome for my second baseman, Brian Roberts.

This was one of those trade offers that doesn't even require thought - an instant rejection.  I'd be hard-pressed to make any trade giving up a star to get three lesser players, and I'd be trading a top 3 second baseman for three guys who, in my opinion, are waiver bait in a 12-team mixed league.

But Andrew and I had been able to hammer out a deal in the past, where I sent him Jose Valverde for Bobby Abreu on April 15th.  And that happened after he'd rejected the same offer a month prior.  Instead of getting a trade dialogue going, though, I slammed the door by trying to "out bad-offer" him.  I offered Coco Crisp, Casey Blake, and LaTroy Hawkins for Carlos Lee, and our trade talks ended.  Jon was right - my response was a waste of time and I missed out on a chance to find a deal that worked for both sides.

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