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Facing Weak Offenses

The Giants, Diamondbacks, and Padres have the weakest offenses in the National League (I prefer to go to the NL for my spot starts).  Let's see who might be available on your waiver wire this week.

  • Tuesday: Chris Young vs. Giants, Barry Zito vs. Padres.  The Padres and Giants face each other; I like Zito.
  • Wednesday: Chad Gaudin vs. Giants, Jonathan Sanchez vs. Padres.  Hard to get on board with either guy, given the walks allowed.
  • Thursday: Kevin Correia vs. Giants, Andrew Miller vs. Diamondbacks.  Correia has something to prove against his old team, and his control is historically better than he's shown this year.  However, he's facing Tim Lincecum.   Miller's numbers are too ugly to risk it.
  • Friday: Jason Vargas vs. Giants, Trevor Cahill vs. Diamondbacks.  I think Vargas might have a decent start in him for Friday.  Cahill is a wild card, capable of being excellent or awful. 
  • Saturday: Jarrod Washburn vs. Giants, Sean Gallagher vs. Diamondbacks.  Washburn is a fine choice if he's available.  I like Gallagher for Saturday, but he's matched up with Dan Haren.

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