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Three Pitchers I Liked

At the beginning of the year, my fantasy rosters were littered with these three pitchers.  They were my favorite late-round picks.  Was I right to give up on them already?

  • Manny Parra, Brewers.  I was hoping the hard-throwing lefty might find better control than last year's 4.07 BB/9.  Instead he's regressed to 5.59 in the early going.  His K and groundball rates are both down.  It's only 19.3 innings, but Parra has not shown progress yet. 
  • Kenshin Kawakami, Braves.  Kawakami always had excellent control in Japan, with a 1.9 BB/9 last year.  With a 4.57 BB/9 this year, that has not translated.  We can expect his 23% HR per flyball rate to come down, and the 7.5 K/9 is nice.  But I hadn't envisioned Kawakami as a WHIP-killer.  Meanwhile, Koji Uehara is doing what I thought Kawakami would (and Koji's in the AL East).
  • David Purcey, Blue Jays.  Purcey is kind of like Parra - an intriguing lefty with a nice K rate, a guy you hope will make a leap in the control department.  The Ks are there at 10.0 per nine, but the 6.1 BB/9 will not fly.  Purcey's had bad luck with a high .358 BABIP but good luck with a 4.6 HR/flyball.

Also, I have to comment on Adam Eaton.  His strikeout, walk, and HR rates are spectacular, yet he's been bruised by a .458 BABIP and dangerously low 22.9% groundball rate.  He's had one good start out of three.  Would you dare pick him up?

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