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Popular Drops

Let's take a look at ESPN's most-dropped players this week.

  • Huston Street.  Not only did he lose the closing job to Manny Corpas, he'll be limited to middle relief.  There are better options if you're vulturing for saves.
  • Chien-Ming Wang.  Dropped after three ridiculously bad starts.  Even in March, Wang was a bad fantasy pick for a mixed league given the lack of Ks.
  • Jordan Schafer.  His line: .269-2-3-7-0.  Nothing really changed here, but Schafer was an impulsive pick for many after he hit two home runs in the first three games.  He's playing pretty well overall but has surprisingly not attempted a steal yet.
  • Xavier Nady.  Nady should be back in May; he avoided surgery on his elbow.  There's talk of platooning him when he returns.  The injury was unexpected, but Nady had no business being chosen in the 14th round in the first place.
  • Chris Carpenter.  Carpenter should be back anywhere from mid-May to mid-June due to his oblique tear, and many fantasy owners are giving up on him.  I'm in the "Keep Carpenter" camp unless you really need that roster spot.  I'd feel differently if it was an arm injury.
  • Alex Gordon.  Another solid player dropped due to injury.  Gordon will be out until at least late June due to hip surgery.  I'm less-inclined to stash him than Carpenter, but I'd consider it.
  • Ubaldo Jimenez.  Three starts, two of 'em stinkers.  He's the same WHIP-killer, but if you can stomach that he may still end up with 175 Ks.
  • Hideki Matsui.  I dropped Matsui in a couple of leagues, with the revelation that he had his knee drained on April 16th.  Put him on your watch list in case he shows signs of life within the next few weeks.
  • Randy Winn.  Slow start: .204-1-4-6-3.  He had a rough April last year too, and remains capable of knocking 4 HR and swiping 5 bags in a given month.
  • Joe Martinez.  More of an NL-only pick, we wish him in the best in his recovery.
  • David Patton.  Ditto on the NL-only for the Cubs' Rule 5 pick.
  • Cameron Maybin.  Slow start: .214-1-1-6-1.  Juan C. Rodriguez provides analysis.  This guy could still win Rookie of the Year, but bench him or just keep him on the watch list for now. 

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