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Popular Adds

A trip through ESPN's popular adds for this week...

  • Emilio Bonifacio.  Sorry, I'm not sold on him.  I guess he could steal 25 bags with enough plate appearances, but he's not going to hit for average, get on base, hit for power, or play good defense.  Unless all the projection systems are wildly wrong.  I'd sell high on him if possible.  You can find plenty of guys who steal bags and do nothing else.
  • Brandon Inge.  He was always an OK pick in a two-catcher mixed league - entirely capable of 15 HR and $7 in value.  The hot start doesn't really change anything, but sure, he's worth owning if you don't mind sacrificing some AVG.
  • Marco Scutaro.  I suppose he could have a decent runs scored total and 10 HR in the best case.
  • Nick Swisher.  He could pop 25 HR, if you don't mind the batting average drain.  Nothing to go crazy over though.
  • Jordan Schafer.  Even with 15/15 potential, he's not likely to help you in AVG.  A marginal mixed league player.
  • Ubaldo Jimenez.  I'm guessing these pickups occurred before his start yesterday.  He could get you 170 Ks but at the huge cost of a 1.50 WHIP.
  • Kevin Millwood.  Maybe he wins 12 games and whiffs 150, but Randy Wolf can do that and he doesn't pitch at the Ballpark In Arlington.
  • Adam Lind.  I wasn't too high on Lind ($2.27 projected value) but Keith Law pimped him as a breakout candidate and that counts for something.  A .280-25-90 season could be within reach and that's certainly worth rostering.
  • Kyle Lohse.  He's pitched well, but it mostly looks like a hits-allowed fluke.  Pass.  Lohse has done this before.
  • Kyle Davies.  I can't decide what to think about Davies.  People point to his 2.27 ERA in September last year, but two of the lineups he faced were amateur hour and he got knocked around in another start.  So really he made two impressive starts in September last year and one this year.  On the other hand, 8 Ks against the White Sox catches my eye.  I'd watch him, maybe grab him for the bench and see how his next few starts go.  He faces the Indians tonight at home.

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