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What It Takes To Win: Saves

Next up in our What It Takes To Win series, saves.  The goal here is to determine the stats needed to achieve fourth place in each of the ten common roto categories.  The league type: 12-team mixed with 14 hitters (2 catchers), 9 pitchers, 3 bench spots, 2 DL spots.

In my two leagues last year that fit this format, the save totals for fourth place were 119 and 102.  Looking at the data you guys sent in from your leagues, my figures are on the high side.  I'll suggest you aim for 100 saves.

I do worry about saves in my leagues.  But two things I don't do are worry about individual projections or draft the big-name closers.  I just try to have three of the game's 30 closers, and if another comes available I will do everything I can to get him too.  In one league I was rostering seven closers at one point.  Not only was I padding my saves total, but I was reducing the supply of this precious commodity.  I would then shop 'em around.  The strategy requires you to be on the ball in terms of the waiver wire.

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