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Lower BABIP At Home

Cool stuff from Dave Cameron at FanGraphs.  He learned that over millions of plate appearances, "home team BABIP allowed is .295, while road team BABIP allowed is .302."  Cameron goes on to note:

There’s a distinct advantage in being the home team in turning balls in play into outs. If a pitcher gets an inordinate amount of home starts, we shouldn’t be surprised if he beats his career BABIP.

In 2008, 15 pitchers had 18 or more home starts.  This isn't exactly scientific, but I quickly identified three pitchers who made at least 60% of their starts at home: Joe Blanton, Ryan Dempster, and C.C. Sabathia.  At least for this tiny sample, the player's overall BABIP was better than his team's.

Pitcher Home Total % home BABIP Team BABIP
Joe Blanton 21 33 63.6% 0.291 0.301
Ryan Dempster 20 33 60.6% 0.283 0.295
CC Sabathia 21 35 60.0% 0.301 0.308

A few others who had more than 55% of their starts at home: Jon Garland, Todd Wellemeyer, and Mike Pelfrey.  There may be others who spent a large portion of their starts at home - I haven't done the full research.

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