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In-Draft Management

Andrew writes in to ask:

What kind of information do you have in front of you during a draft?  I've tried keeping spreadsheets, crossing guys off, and auto-updating the rest of the population, but it always ends up being not simplistic enough and I can't keep up with the pace of the draft, especially in the mid to late rounds.

I know what you mean, it can be a challenge to keep track of things while also getting ready for your next pick.  Here's what I do for online drafts.

  • I create a simple spreadsheet containing basic projected stats that ranks players by dollar value.  Pitcher stats are not shown, just hitters.  Pitchers are included but the only info for them is the dollar value.  It is a sacrifice I am willing to make.  The sheet also contains average draft position from Yahoo or Mock Draft Central or whatever you like.  Another column translates average draft position into draft round by dividing ADP by 12 and rounding up.
  • This sheet also has games played data, so that I can quickly filter to see which shortstops are available and whether I need to act soon to get a good one.  If I want to filter to see pitchers only I can go to any stat category (ABs for example) and choose Blanks.
  • When a player is drafted, I do a Ctrl-F to find the player and I delete that row of the spreadsheet. Obviously Yahoo does the same, but they don't have my dollar values.  Since Yahoo leaves 1:30 between picks I am usually able to keep up.
  • I create a second sheet on the spreadsheet for My Team.  It lists all the positions and I fill in the names as I draft them.  I also list the specific pick numbers I have.  For example, if I draft eighth I have pick #8, 17, 32, 41, and so on.  Before the draft I make a list of several players I am targeting at each pick who I do not think will be available at the following pick.
  • If there is downtime between picks (1:30 can seem like an eternity) I drag guys I like into my queue so I don't forget about them.  By the time my pick rolls around I know exactly who I want. 
  • For a live draft I would do something similar but just cross guys off instead of deleting rows.  Since you can't filter by position on a piece of paper it may make sense to print out position-by-position sheets ranked by dollar value.

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