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DH Rankings

Many of you, er, one or two of you, have asked for my DH rankings.  This should complete the position players.  I will aim to put a full rankings/projections spreadsheet online within one week.

I have three DH-only players projected to have positive value in 5x5 12-team mixed leagues.  Draft round is in parentheses.

  1. David Ortiz - $20.08 (5)
  2. Jim Thome - $7.27 (14)
  3. Travis Hafner - $1.16 (23)

If you're curious, Gary Sheffield would slot in at #3 if he reached 500 ABs.  Ortiz drops pretty far in certain leagues; if you can get him in the 7th or 8th round you have to consider it.  And Hafner is certainly worth a flier that late in the draft.

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