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ADP: Comparing MDC, Yahoo, ESPN

I always use Mock Draft Central Average Draft Positions on this site, even though I do most of my drafts with Yahoo.  This is dangerous, because the rankings of the fantasy league provider have a strong influence on ADPs for that site.  In other words, MDC's ADPs may be very different from Yahoo's and ESPN's.

I pulled together ADP numbers for MDC, Yahoo, and ESPN to see which players have the biggest variance.  Here they are, filtered to only players I  have earning $10+ in 2009.  The numbers are the ADPs for MDC/Yahoo/ESPN.

  1. Matt Wieters: 125.7/114.3/187.1.  Wieters is a 10th or 11th round pick at MDC or YH, but a 16th rounder at ESPN.
  2. Andre Ethier: 113.3/163.0/118.8.  This time YH sticks out like a sore thumb, letting Ethier slip to the 14th instead of the 10th.
  3. Zack Greinke: 146.2/139.8/99.8.  If you want Greinke in an ESPN league, you'd better be ready to take him in the 9th round.
  4. Ted Lilly: 199.71/173.3/138.8.
  5. Joey Votto: 78.3/122.4/87.6.  Votto in the 11th round on YH?  Wow!
  6. Roy Oswalt: 74.0/90.6/46.8.  Roy isn't much of a bargain in ESPN leagues.
  7. Brett Myers: 139.9/148.7/181.2. 
  8. Derek Jeter: 99.2/78.8/56.5.
  9. Johnny Damon: 114.4/128.7/88.3.
  10. John Lackey: 92.4/85.4/54.8.
  11. Carlos Quentin: 39.0/27.0/65.7.
  12. Torii Hunter: 111.0/120.9/83.6.
  13. Shane Victorino: 50.3/56.2/85.8.
  14. Bobby Abreu: 60.1/95.2/67.4.
  15. Victor Martinez: 79.3/67.6/103.4.
  16. Troy Tulowitzki: 104.0/70.2/98.6.
  17. Aaron Harang: 158.92/151.7/176.9.
  18. Justin Verlander: 123.2/127.6/155.9.
  19. James Shields: 81.6/99.2/63.8.
  20. Adam Dunn: 61.8/71.4/95.8.

Other big names:

  • Rich Harden: 123.8/91.6/104.1
  • B.J. Upton: 19.8/17.4/42.6.  Upton's a 4th rounder at ESPN.
  • Roy Halladay: 46.9/46.7/24.9.
  • Mariano Rivera: 83.9/64.5/63.9.
  • Javier Vazquez: 137.0/125.7/148.4.
  • Matt Holliday: 14.1/36.5/27.8.  Holliday is a great 4th round pick in Yahoo leagues.
  • C.C. Sabathia: 35.4/22.5/16.4
  • Francisco Rodriguez: 76.7/57.8/64.2
  • Joe Nathan: 77.3/61.5/61.3
  • Brandon Webb: 46.8/39.3/28.6
  • Ian Kinsler: 10.7/13.7/26.5.  Huge ESPN bargain.

Notable absences:

  • Not in YH top 268: Kenshin Kawakami, Jered Weaver, John Maine, Gil Meche, Justin Duchscherer, Adam Jones, Johnny Cueto, Jim Thome
  • Not in ESPN top 200: Nelson Cruz, Kawakami, Weaver, Kelly Johnson, Rickie Weeks, Maine, Meche, Chad Qualls, Duchscherer, Mike Gonzalez, Jones, Felipe Lopez

I won't give out MDC data since you have to pay to subscribe (it's worth it).  But here is a spreadsheet comparing the ESPN and Yahoo data.

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