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SGPs for Pitching

This post deals with Art McGee's method of creating dollar values in fantasy baseball, which uses Standings Gain Points (SGPs).  If that is foreign to you, go buy Art's book ($18 well spent).  Click here to see our SGPs for offense.

RotoAuthority readers kindly sent in league data.  I know some of you create your own dollar values and need accurate SGPs.  These numbers apply to a 12-team mixed league with 14 hitters (C, C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, CI, MI, OF, OF, OF, OF, OF, DH) and 9 pitchers.

  • W: 3.3363
  • SV: 7.9856
  • ERA: 0.07819
  • WHIP: 0.01264
  • K: 32.4592
  • Avg. Team IP: 1441.6458
  • Avg. Team ER: 621.2718
  • Avg. Team (H+BB): 1875.4155

So that's what it took to gain one point in the standings in 2008: about 3 wins, 8 saves, 0.08 in ERA, 0.01 in WHIP, and 32 Ks.  Shows why it's important to wring every ounce of production out of your roster, every single day.

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