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My Favorite Draft Position

12 team snake draft.  What pick do you prefer to have?  I've never put a ton of thought into this, since of course I can't control it.  But it is an interesting question.

Logically, the sixth pick would be the best.  You make your pick, then wait 13 picks, then go again.  Then you wait 11 and go again and the trend repeats itself.  The result is that there is never a huge gap where all the guys you wanted get snapped up.  Plus, you don't have to make the risky decision of taking two guys in a row or close together.

I think this year I'd prefer the fifth pick, because then I definitely get one of Hanley, Reyes, Pujols, A-Rod, or Wright.  After that I do see a dropoff of several dollars to Braun.

In a 12 team snake draft, which pick do you prefer?

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