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Girardi Wants 30 Starts For Joba

Yankees manager Joe Girardi wants 30 starts for Joba Chamberlain, and ESPN's Rob Neyer has already weighed in on how unlikely that is.

You may recall that our panel of experts predicted, on average, 143 innings for Joba in 2009.  That alone makes him the 18th best fantasy starter, without factoring in replacement-level inning you can get if he hits the DL.  Great value with the 100th pick (9th round).

Just for fun, though, what could Chamberlain do in 30 starts?  Assuming 5.44 innings per, that's 163.33 innings.  He'd be worth $24.58, 10th among starters.  163 innings isn't that crazy - Will Carroll predicted 175, and Peter Abraham went with 160.

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