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Fantasy Effect Of A-Rod's Steroid Use?

As you know, Alex Rodriguez admitted to using steroids from 2001-03.  Does this matter for fantasy baseball players drafting for 2009?

If Rodriguez lied in today's interview with Peter Gammons and has been using performance-enhancing drugs in recent seasons, there's no particular reason to think he'll stop for 2009.  If he was truthful, then he's been able to put up massive numbers without steroids.  Either way, we can't let the 2001-03 usage affect our 2009 projections.

The other factor is psychological.  Rodriguez is said to be sensitive, so people wonder if added media pressure and taunts from opposing fans could affect him.  My opinion is that the added hoopla won't change anything - even with the steroid stuff, it would be hard for A-Rod to garner more attention that he already gets.  The Red Sox fan holds up an A-Roid sign instead of some other insult, and the reporter asks about roids instead of Joe Torre or Madonna.  Same difference, is my guess.  If A-Rod does happen to have an off year, I don't think it will be fair to attribute it to the steroid stuff.

Rodriguez currently has an average draft position of 2.38; he's gone no later than fifth.  Maybe this will push people to start drafting Albert Pujols ahead of A-Rod, but I'd be surprised to see Rodriguez drop several spots.  Bottom line, this probably won't make A-Rod a draft bargain and if you were going to draft him you should continue to do so.

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