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Defining Sleepers

Mike Bock of Fantasy Hurler recently gave his definition of a sleeper.  He is of the opinion that a sleeper must be an obscure player who is not chosen in the first half of the draft.

For me, a sleeper is something much different.  For me it's just an undervalued player.  Isn't that what we're all really after?  A player the market does not value correctly, whether he's drafted in the fifth round or not at all. 

Take Tim Lincecum one year ago.  He was a well-known pitcher with ace potential and big league experience.  He was being drafted in the 11th round.  I had him as the tenth best fantasy starter, so to me he was a huge sleeper.  Lincecum was the type of pick that won leagues in 2008.  I don't want my favorite websites or magazines to ignore or shortchange guys like Lincecum because there's too much hype or he's not a deep enough sleeper.

Two other players who won leagues in '08: Cliff Lee and Carlos Quentin.  They fit Mike's definition of sleepers; they went undrafted.  But to me they're no different from Lincecum.  They are just players the market undervalued.

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