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Transaction Limits

What are your thoughts on transaction limits in fantasy leagues?  I was in five leagues last year, and three of them allowed for unlimited transactions.  I made over 75 add/drops in each league, and many of my league-mates topped that total.  I was trolling the waiver wire daily.

Is this a good thing?  Allowing infinite transactions can pull the focus away from draft day - I typically turned over half my roster.  It also creates a situation where those who sit on the Internet all day (like me) are able to snag new closers first.  And if for some reason the commissioner sets up a league without transaction or innings pitched limits, pitcher streaming often becomes a factor.

In other leagues, we had limits such as two transactions per week or even 15 total add/drops.  The result is much better thought-out pickups.

What's your stance on transaction limits?

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