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Mock Drafts Are Growing On Me

I did my second mock draft this week on Friday.  I have to admit, the whole thing is growing on me.  I don't think I ever gave it a fair chance.  Sure, my wife is incredulous that I would spend an hour drafting a fake fake team.  But over at Mock Draft Central it moves quickly and the results seem realistic.  I find myself very much invested in fielding the best team possible.

There are certain "pockets of value" you can really only get a knack for when you do a draft.  You notice certain trends repeating themselves, ones you always knew about but needed a reminder on.  Runs on catchers, shortstops, and closers that you can avoid and take advantage of.  Guys like Kevin Slowey who are consistently undervalued.  And the "sleepers" who are gaining too much hype to be big bargains - Nelson Cruz, Chris Davis, Mike Napoli (I'll admit it now).

But then I wonder - are these results representative of the leagues I will play in this year?  I imagine only a small subset of fantasy baseball players take the time to mock draft.  Doesn't it draw in the diehards?  I am only seeing a handful of questionable reach picks - a Carlos Quentin here, an Adrian Gonzalez there.  Maybe this is an advantage.  Kind of like taking swings with the donut on, once you take it off you'll be a step ahead for the real thing.

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