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Drafting Fourth

I decided to test my assumptions and do an actual live mock draft with 11 strangers last night at Mock Draft Central.  I was pleasantly surprised - everyone seemed to draft as if it was a real fantasy team (oxymoron?).  Everyone seemed present, as we knocked out the 23-round draft in about an hour.  I had first choice of my pick and I decided to take the fourth.   Here's a look at the draft results by round.

Here's my team, with the round in parentheses:

C - Russell Martin (4)
C - Jorge Posada (18)
1B - Derrek Lee (6)
2B - Mark DeRosa (17)
SS - Derek Jeter (8)
3B - Alex Rodriguez (1)
CI - Joey Votto (7)
MI - Edgar Renteria (21)
OF - Alfonso Soriano (2)
OF - Matt Kemp (3)
OF - Bobby Abreu (5)
OF - Jay Bruce (10)
OF - Randy Winn (20)
DH - Ryan Spilborghs (23)
SP - A.J. Burnett (9)
SP - Javier Vazquez (11)
SP - Matt Cain (13)
SP - Kevin Slowey (14)
SP - Aaron Harang (15)
SP - Andy Sonnanstine (19)
RP - Jonathan Broxton (12)
RP - Brian Wilson (16)
RP - Manny Corpas (22)

I was kind of surprised to see A-Rod available with the fourth pick, and I chose him over David Wright.  Bargains, in my opinion: Posada, Jeter, Bruce, Spilborghs, most of my starters, Wilson, and Corpas.

Once again this team came remarkably close to my benchmarks without me planning it.  My projections: .283 AVG, 285 HR, 1111 RBI, 1154 R, 175 SBs, 3.76 ERA, 1.26 WHIP, 1174 Ks, 82 W, 98 SV.

Through some sort of error, I projected Wilson to have 48 saves.  So I have to look into that.  My projections were otherwise safe though.  Mock Draft Central's projection tool said my team would come in second, with 82.0 points (weaknesses: HR, SV).  I can see where they're coming from with saves but this team does have good power.  It is weak in the middle infield, though.

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